Landscapes of the Mind

Surreal, cubist, contemporary and semi-abstract landscape paintings for sale

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Most of the series of surreal, contemporary, cubist, mindscape paintings, have been acquired by private collectors. Look in the Buy Paintings room for work still available for purchase.

These contemporary and modern landscape paintings amalgamate different references.  Distinctive and unique in style, this series of work has been drawn from the imagination and memories of the artists childhood.

"I grew up in Nelson, Lancashire, whose economy was mainly dependent on the cotton mills, where virtually all my relatives worked at some stage in their lives. Geographically developed in a basin, the rows of back to back terraced houses were built on the steep hills and troughs, squeezing as many into the available space. As a child, walking home from school, we weaved our way home through the maze of back streets, mill yards and industrial wastelands, often encountering 'weirdo's and 'perverts', but this was normal.

This series of work attempts to express these memories. The claustrophobic space of the terraces, strange things lurking in the cobbled back streets. Retreating to the luminous and expansive countryside only to find other unsettling experiences." Victoria Stanway 

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